German-Israeli Foundation

Grant Title: "When groups become 'invisible': The toxic role of group-based contempt in intergroup relations".

Collaboration with Michal Reifen-Tagar & Thomas Kessler  

€150,000, 2018-2021

National Science Foundation and United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation, joint funding program

Grant Title: "Ideological Differences in Emotion Regulation Processes in Interpersonal and Intergroup Contexts".

Collaboration with John T. Jost

NSF - $500,000; BSF - $165,000, 2016-2019

Israeli Science Foundation

Grant Title: "Paradoxical Thinking as a New Intergroup Conflict Resolution Intervention".

$182,000, 2016-2019

European Research Council

Grant Title: "Direct and Indirect Emotion Regulation as a New Path of Conflict Resolution", Grant Agreement Number 335607 ("Emotions in Conflict").

€1,499,260, 2014-2019

National Science Foundation

Grant Title: "Reducing Intergroup Conflict Using Belief Manipulation".

Collaboration with James Gross

$426,098, 2013-2016

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Grant Title: "We Were, We are, We Will Be: Constructive and Destructive Responses to Collective Angst".

Collaboration with Michael Wohl  

$209,990, 2012-2017

German-Israeli Foundation

Grant Title: "Emotion Regulation in Intergroup Conflicts: A New Avenue for Conflict Resolution".

Collaboration with Maya Tamir & Christopher Cohrs 

€165,000, 2014-2017

Israeli Science Foundation

Grant Title: "Socio-psychological barriers to peacemaking: A longitudinal study among Jews in Israel".

Collaboration with Daniel Bar-Tal

$160,000, 2011-2015