​Emotion in Conflict Lab

​​​We strive to understand the roots and functions of emotions in inter-group relations and conflict.​

We use our knowledge to cultivate social change in favor of democracy and peace.



​​​Director: Eran Halperin Ph.D


Elad-Strenger, J., Saguy, T., & Halperin, E. (2019). Facilitating hope among the hopeless: The role of ideology and moral content in shaping reactions to internal criticism in the context of intractable conflict. Social Science Quarterly >> View

Hasson, Y., Schori-Eyal, N., Landau, D., Hasler, B. S., Levy, J., Friedman, D., & Halperin, E. (2019). The enemy’s gaze: Immersive virtual environments enhance peace promoting attitudes and emotions in violent intergroup conflicts. PLoS ONE >> View

Levy, A. Zezelj, I, Brankovic, M., Dusanic, S., van Zomeren, M., Saguy, T., & Halperin, E. (2019). Complex social identities and intergroup relations: Gateway groups in the Western Balkans. Social Psychology >>  View

Huge congrats to Boaz Hameiri for winning the 2019 SPSP Student Publication Award! 

Boaz won the award for his paper: "Paradoxical thinking as a conflict-resolution intervention: Comparison to alternative interventions and examination of psychological mechanisms". Read here >>

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