​Psychology of Intergroup Conflict & Reconciliation Lab (PICR)

​​​We strive to understand the roots and functions of emotions in inter-group relations and conflict.​

We use our knowledge to cultivate social change in favor of democracy and peace.



​​​Director: Eran Halperin Ph.D


Shuman, E., Saguy, T., van Zomeren, M., Halperin, E. (in press). Disrupting the system constructively: Testing the effectiveness of nonnormative nonviolent collective action. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Porat, R., Erel, L., Pnueli, V., & Halperin, E. (in press). Developing ReApp: An emotion regulation mobile intervention for intergroup conflict. Cognition and Emotion.


Shulman, D., Halperin, E., Kessler, T., Schori-Eyal, N., Reifen Tagar, M. (2020). Exposure to Analogous Harmdoing Increases Acknowledgment of Ingroup Transgressions in Intergroup Conflicts. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. View


Pliskin, R., Ruhrman, A. & Halperin, E. (2020). Proposing a multi-dimensional, context-sensitive approach to the study of ideological (A)Symmetry in emotion. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. 34:75–80. >> View

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A special issue: 'Political Ideologies' was published in Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, edited by Eran Halperin together with John Jost & Kristin Laurin. View

Lab member Oded Adomi Leshem’s work on ‘Lay theories of peace and their influence on policy preference during violent conflict’ is being currently featured in PNASView

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We are happy to announce that Eran has been awarded one of the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grants (almost 2 million Euros) – among the most competitive funding schemes of the European Research Council. The research funded by that grant is aimed at identifying novel mechanisms by which different intergroup interventions influence different individuals, i.e., creating an innovative framework for personalized intergroup interventions. 

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